Starseed Community School (previously known as The New Muizenberg School) is a collective of dedicated parents, teachers and individuals from a lively and diverse neighborhood that wish to inspire children’s love of learning through creative, educational and life experiences, skills, crafts, the arts, movement and more.

Starseed Community School (previously known as The New Muizenberg School) is a collective of dedicated parents, teachers and individuals from a lively and diverse neighborhood that wish to inspire children’s love of learning through creative, educational and life experiences, skills, crafts, the arts, movement and more.

About Starseed Community School

Starseed Community School was created in January 2015 by a small group of parents and their children who have a vision of Waldorf-based education that is local, inclusive of everyone and community-led. Currently, the school includes a playgroup, a kindergarten and a Class 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 6. In 2025 we will be a full primary school going up to class 7. We use the resources of the Muizenberg Village such as the library, beach, vlei, mountain and community gardens as an extension of the classroom.

The school holds Waldorf principles at its heart, which take into account the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child. We strive to make sure that teaching draws upon the many rich local cultures. We wish to root the curriculum in today’s South Africa to instill in children a love and respect for all people, regardless of race, gender, ability etc. We continually explore and work with the great outdoors, developing children’s reverence for the natural world. The school structure relies solely on parent and community involvement. The school operates through collaboration, distributed power and shared responsibility. There is no Principal or Head Teacher, we make decisions collectively. We are continually innovating how to work together. Every parent/guardian in the school community is required to volunteer some of their time and skills to help run the school each year. They can do this by joining one of the school organising groups, participating in parent/guardian workdays, and by offering to be class representative (class rep) for a term. We believe that the school must be accessible to all who wish to take part in it and that everyone’s gifts, passions, talents and points of view can be seen, heard and respected.


We envision a community where children and future generations grow up in harmony with nature, where equality is the reality, and we all thrive in an ecosystem of learning.

We believe that….

  • By freeing schooling from institutions and encouraging community engagement, creative curiosity will become a way of life and we will develop the skills, qualities and ideas needed for our evolving future. 
  • By breaking down racism and inequality, by celebrating our unique differences and humanity’s sacredness on earth, we can create deep human understanding between all people. 
  • By living in harmony with Mother Earth and by immersing learning in nature, we will grow our awareness of nature’s greatness and fragility. Radical shifts in local and global priorities will come to honour her wisdom, which will heal her as she heals and nourishes us.


We are a passionate collective of teachers and parents who are co-creating a learning ecosystem for children in and around Muizenberg.

We hold the children, the earth and each other with love, reverence and in freedom, by focusing on deep connection and awareness.

We are drawing on the diverse skills, cultures and spaces around us to nurture a learning space that is deliberately diverse, rooted in nature’s wisdom, that is relevant to our time, and to the local and broader contexts in which we live.


Educating through Love: The wellbeing of the child and the sacredness of childhood is at the heart of all that we do. We receive and accept each child with warmth and reverence, nourishing their curiosity. Inspiring and encouraging them, we create a bridge for children over which they can walk into the best version of themselves.

Intentional learning spaces: We choose and create welcoming, sacred spaces of learning with great care. We consciously question traditional classroom time and seek indoor and outdoor spaces which encourage children to explore their love of learning – about themselves and about the world around them.

Rooted in this place: Our school’s home is in Muizenberg, IIHui!Gqeb/Cape Town, South Africa, within the African continent, on our planet earth. We honour this land and our ancestors and forcestors. We reject the idea of the ‘single story’: we are dedicated to decolonising education and to celebrating and honouring the wisdom, cultures and ideas of this place and our people.

Everyone belongs: Our community acknowledges South Africa’s continuing racism, inequality, discrimination and injustice, and we consciously work to dismantle these. We celebrate our entire human family, we honour and support each other in our differences and we actively seek many perspectives. We are deliberate about diversity within school structures and all aspects of school life. Through love and acceptance, we will grow together.

Guided by Nature’s Wisdom and Grounded in Spirit: We love and care for the natural world with reverence; we are inspired by its wisdom. By immersing children in nature and bringing regular moments of stillness, we encourage them to love, observe and protect the sacredness of the world around them. We strive as individuals to deepen our own unique spiritual journeys, and to allow each child to freely continue on theirs.

Ubuntu: We are growing the school as a learning community. We are present, curious and open: everyone has something to teach us. We have the courage to speak our truth, and the humility to listen to the truths of others. We trust in ourselves and that everyone is doing their best. Our resilience comes from our human connection and our ability to adapt to all that may arise.

Part of a movement to transform education: We exist within a world that is changing. We reach beyond our own school to learn from others and to inspire radical and inclusive ways of learning, and practices that honour childhood.

How the School Funds Itself

The school relies on fees and on donations, which are fundraised by the school community. We are passionate that fees must be affordable and fair.

Basic information on fees:

• Fees for every class are 10% of the family’s combined average monthly gross income, with a minimum of R1500 and
maximum of:

‐ R3500 per month for Playgroup and Kindergarten;
‐ R3800 per month for Class 1 and 2;
‐ R4100 per month for Class 3, 4 , 5 and 6.

• There is a monthly craft levy of R70 per child.
• There is a once-off administration fee of R400 per child.
• And a once-off enrolment fee, which is 50% of your child’s monthly school fees.
• 2nd children will be charged 9% of gross family income, 3rd children will be 8% and 4th children or more will be 7%.
• Combined refers to total income of all earners in the household/child’s support system. Average is based on the last
four months. Gross income is income before deductions such as taxes etc

Further notes on fees:
• Our fee system relies on trust in the school community, with the understanding that the financial sustainability of the school depends on every family paying what they honestly can afford.

Where is the School?

For the last 8 years the school has been using homes around Muizenberg as classrooms. In 2021, we came together for the first time and took occupation in a lovely big house right on the edge of the vlei. In 2022, we found ourselves without a combined premises and classes were once again dispersed throughout Muizenberg village, each classroom in a separate venue temporarily. Mid year the primary classes found a premises and came together at 5 Cromer Rd, who were closely followed by the playgroup and kindergarten. We are overjoyed to have settled in and be continuing in our wonderful school house into 2024 and beyond.

Contact Us

Contact Number: 068 105 4622

Email Address:

Physical Address: 5 Cromer Road, Muizenberg, 7945